Ever wondered how your favourite biscuit makes it to your snacks cabinet?

Here's the journey of our favourite brand Parle


The Start

Big Parle Factories send their products to be stored at our warehouse.

With our team of hardworking individuals, we make sure to store it and take care of it so you can enjoy the tasty sweet and mind-boggling Parle Range of Products.

We load your favourite biscuits, toffees, candies, snacks and so much more into clean, sanitized trucks with utmost care.

The Great Journey

These Trucks Travel all the way from the warehouse to the Distributor location. With all the road safety measures and well-trained drivers, One thing is for sure – These yummy biscuits are in safe hands.

After a long journey, these goods are finally received by your local distributor.




A distributor is appointed in every town who is responsible to make sure all the Parle goods are available at your local shop. 

He makes sure to deliver all the products at the retail counter and looks after proper inventory at his storage location so one never has any shortage of their favourite parle products.

The Super Store

The distributor provides all the retail counters in his area with all the tasty Parle Products which are then sold by these retail chains to our dazzling customers like you!


We are Home

And that’s the journey of Worlds no. 1 selling biscuit from the factory to your home. Enjoy it with a cup of perfectly made home tea.


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